A CD Recorded by the Prague Radio Symphony, the Kiev Philharmonic and the Millenium Symphony. This CD series is a compilation of award winning compositions of the latest contemporary music of the 1990's and the new millennium. The volume 14, of the series, features  ERM-Award-winner and Latin Grammy nominated work "Macondo Poems" by Sylvia Constantinidis.

"The "Macondo Poems" are inspired by Latino-American nationalistic material. Macondo is the name of the town of Gabriel Garcia Marquez’ “100 Years of Solitude”. This is a town in the middle of the jungle, where people never saw the ocean. “The Macondo Poems” is a piece composed of short musical sections evoking different scenes of the life of Macondo. The recurrent ‘Maestoso’ homophonic in texture, with delicate syncopations in inner voices, evokes the grandiosity of the universe. My inspiration for this piece comes from childhood memories. On the weekends, we would go to our farm. And, at night, we would escape to the roof of the house and lay there quietly until sunrise just looking at the sky and feeling the grandiosity of the the darkness of the jungle."          Sylvia Constantinidis