SoundScapes are sounds and combinations of sounds from unique sources prepared and organized in inverse environments.  The term can also be used referring to prepared ‘descriptive’ recordings intended  to create an aural illusion of an event, a place or a experience. In New-Art-Music “Soundscapes” can refer to prepared compositions based on sample and treated sounds manipulated as microelements all part of the final macro or composition.


In this course, we will use soundscapes as elements of the musical composition. As such, the soundscapes become just one element of the resulting piece.


The first activity of this class is the development of an organic soundscape bank based on prerecorded found sounds. We refer to the term organic as sounds must be captured in organic form –or its original stage, recorded and saved in miniature microfiles (AIFF, or Wave format).  Student must developed this sound bank as the first assignment.

   Soundscapes for the sound bank must have these characteristics:

-The must be recorded from natural sources (example bird sounds, screams, door opening sound, water movement, clock, etc)

-  Soundscapes  must be between 7 to 20 seconds long.

-Soundscapes must be archive with a descriptive name, relating them to the original source.

-A good sound bank would have between 7 to 14 soundscapes.