WELCOME to NEW-ART-MUSIC Composition Courses.


NAMCC is an open interface educational learning  system design to assist you with your music composition training. Courses are designed for the individual pace progress while participating in group pojects and developing a cyber-music-composition learning community.


Courses are develped by unit. Each unit is complemented with learning material, discussing/sharing material, training exercises, and a unit final project. This units are sequential meaning that just like building a house must follow a step by step organized plan, the success of the final project of each course is based on the sequential completion of each individual unit of the course.


Music Composers are mavericks in their craft, innovation, individuality, creativity are important qualities to possess. You want to stay ahead of the curve, so may sure to keep a steady pace for the course, work methodically, continuously and consistently to achieve the best  resylt in each one of the assigned projects. Your final piece will be an integrated porject that adds on from all te previous learning units.



-Make sure to read unit material carefully.

-Develop your creative ideas in several sketches. That will guarantee your best result. Have you ever been at the Art Museum in Rotterdam, The Netherlands? It contains quite a few sketches of Leonardo Da Vinci's work. It seems that the Master painter developed each one of his works after sketching them quite a few times. See the idea? great music composers follow the same  method of work.


-And must important, Rule No. 1:  Be always original.