Assignment for this unit includes the following exercises:



1-) Writing musical materials (a theme, a melodic cell) of 12 beats eaach


     1.a-) Write 1or 2 sketches for each instrument reviewed in the chapter (flute, oboe, carinet, bassoon)

      1.b) Select two instruments of the four studied in the chapter and write a passage of four bars, in which these two instruments are included.

      1.c)  Select the other two instruments and  write a different four bars passage using these two instruments.


Considerations when doing this homework:

   -Remember to follow the instrument's appropriate range. (This indicate the exclusive area where the instrument can perform.

   -Include some of the effects mentioned in te chapter and write them with the appropriate notation (all accesible on FINALE)

   -Use dynamic marks (fortes, pianos, crescendos, decrescendo signs)

   -Use articulations (Legatto, staccato, marccato, tenutto, etc)



-Please remember that all material created must be looking towards its possibility of inclusion in the collective.

-Work carefully and creatively.