WELCOME to the NEW-ART-MUSIC "Electronic Composition Workshop"




This course is set up in five basic units. It is designed to introduce the young composition students to the electronic idioms and techniques employed today in the composition of Art-Music.




In order to intoduce the student to the world of Electronic-Art Music, the course is set up to contain several perspectives:


-A historical perspective: explored through a breve background introductio in the field;


-An aesthetic perspective: oriented to develop a palat for good quality sound-art work by presenting a variety of relevant examples of Electronic-Art-Music through the course;


-A formalistic perspective: oriented to give the students fundamental compositional tools for the better development of an electronic musical discourse. 


-A technological perspective: oriented to give the students basic knowledge and ideas for the learning and use of electronic and digital materials as  tools for the compositional process in this medium. 


-An experimental perspective: that allows and orients the student on the creation of their work.




As a first task students most download a few available free softwares that are commonly used today for this type of artistic work. Students most be awared that there is an extensive software literature that can be used for this purpose. This course introduces the students to some fundamental programs. As the students continue developing their craft and continue composing in this medium, other softwares can be added to their technological pallette. Please remember, however,that the quality and uniquenes of the artistic work is not based on the variety and quantity of programs to be used but more on the musical,stylistic and formal istic considerations that the individual engages while developing their sound-art work.




Important Freewares to download:




PureData is a real-time graphical programming environment for audio, video, and graphical processing.  The software was originally developed by Miller Puckette and collective at IRCAM. IRCAM, in France, is a major worldwide pionner and one of the most important centers for Electronic-Art Music in the world.




Audacity is an open source software for recording and editing sounds.




Wavosaur is an audio edito wth a platform that supports multiple document  interface and posses a variety of cool advanced features.

Introductory Assignment:

Make sure that you familiarize with the softwares by taking the basic tutorials.